Visual identification and its role in shaping brand awareness and marketing communication

- Katarzyna Wrona, M.Sc. Eng.

Every scientific and research institution can be treated as a provider of services carrying out research and development projects or running educational activities and as such is subject to the same mechanisms of market competition as a „model” company. An institution of this kind can create a recognizable brand and can convince its clients that they are buying something exceptional. Strong brands excel on a crowded market, they help consumers choose from a whole spectrum of options and emphasize the essential value of the service – by raising trust they provide clients with what they expect. In the process of creating and managing the brand of a research unit, it is important to design marketing messages in such a way and send them through various channels, so that recipients not only realize the fact of existence of a particular institution, but also assume good opinion about the institution. Among the most common communication channels there are: direct contacts with the client (such as „whisper” marketing, lectures, presentations, conferences, seminars, fairs), passing on information by means of Internet, media (commercials, radio shows) as well as printed materials (brochures, leaflets, press ads). Thanks to an efficient and well-developed system of communication with the environment a particular research and scientific institution can provide information and disseminate scientific achievements as well as the results of conducted research projects. It can also establish contacts with entities from the business sector, which has a beneficial impact on the transfer of knowledge. Companies often become clients and partners of research and scientific units and academic centres. In course of cooperation the parties exchange information, knowledge and experiences.

Katarzyna Wrona, M.Sc. Eng. – graduate of SGGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences). Since 2001 she has worked in the creative team of the marketing department of the Institute of Aviation. She deals with graphic design and creating websites. She is also responsible for multi-media presentations, informational and promotional materials of the Institute of Aviation. She has developed and edited documentaries about the history of aviation. She completed a course in multi-media techniques and computer graphics at the Independent University of Business, Administration and Computer Science in Warsaw.

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Article published in Transactions of the Institute of Aviation No 223/2012
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