A university’s brand in the contemporary world

- prof. Dawidziuk Stanisław

A strong brand is synonymous with a company’s successful performance. At the same time it bears testimony to the high quality of the service (or product) offered by the company, be it a car maker, a food producer or a higher education institution. Brands function at subliminal levels of consumer perception. This causes the client to respond to a product or service purchase in an emotional way, often ignoring its price. The client perceives a brand as a synonym of luxury, which symbolizes a certain economic status, a key that opens the door to a given societal sphere. From the marketing perspective, clients buying branded products become marketing tools. They enhance the advertising of a given product or service. They join the ranks of people who give favourable opinions about the product/service. Modern marketing does not only meet client expectations through diagnosing their needs, dreams and desires but also uncovers, stimulates and even creates them. The essence of marketing is the realization that the client is the most important – satisfying the client’s needs ensures a profit and, consequently, a future for the company. This is why key elements of marketing include: market research, product development, impact on the market, and pricing strategies.

Professor Stanisław Dawidziuk, Ph.D. is a founder and honorific rector of the Warsaw Management Academy, the initiator of the Faculty of Management and Marketing (1995). He has authored a number of publications including Przedsiębiorczość drogą do sukcesu w biznesie (1999) and Przedsiębiorczość białkiem rozwoju społeczno-gospodarczego (2011). His professional interests focus on the management of small and medium enterprises and human capital. He is a member of the Golden Lodge of Business Centre Club and serves as an expert on higher education in the Business Centre Club.

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Article published in Transactions of the Institute of Aviation No 227/2012


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