Transmedia marketing and re-invention of public relations

- Dalibor Jakus M.Sc., Krešimir Zubčić M.Sc.

Many concepts have been developed to describe the convergence of media, public relations and storytelling formats in contemporary media systems. This article presents a theoretical reflection on “transmedia storytelling” from a perspective of integration narrative in the context of the re-invention of public relations. The rapid evolution of digital media technology and the emergence of transmedia storytelling present foresight professionals with a powerful new approach for communicating about the future. A transmedia story unfolds across multiple media platforms with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole. Between other, this article also outlines some of the key principles and elements of transmedia storytelling in combination with modern public relations, in order to provide a basic framework that public relations practitioner can use when designing transmedia projects.

Dalibor Jakus,M.Sc., Independent public relations consultant, Croatia – is an independent public relations consultant specializing in strategic communication, media relations and communication on creative platforms. He has over 15 extensive experiences in communication and marketing in the information technology and Internet industries. Previous positions include Public Relations Manager (Nulaosam, Zagreb) and Marketing manager (Briefing, Zagreb). Also, he is the author of numerous professional and newspaper articles in the field of public relations, entertainment, business and ICT technology. Editor of on-line magazine and writer. He is also blogger and member of Croatian Public Relations Association.

Krešimir Zubčić, M.Sc., Croatian Public Television, Croatia – a sociologist. He studied at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, in Zagreb. Today, he works as an editor on Croatian Public Television. He is the author of numerous TV documentaries, screenwriter and journalist.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.22.12.2016.13
Contact: dalibor.jakus(at)

MINIB, 2016, Vol. 22, Issue 4

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