The use of content marketing strategy tools in the Polish research institutes

- Witold Świeczak M.Sc.

Witold SwieczakIn the article were described issues associated with the use by scientific institutions content marketing strategy tools. This article shows the extent to which tools of modern marketing are used in the Internet communication by scientific institutions. Currently content marketing concept is accepted not only as a fashionable trend of modern marketing but above all, it is treated as an important tool to improve enough Internet message, to effectively interest to the users. A optimal selection and use content marketing tools it provides opportunities for enhancing efficiency in the reception (acceptance) of the generated message.

Witold Świeczak, M.Sc. Eng., Institute of Aviation, Poland – graduate of Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology. Currently, he works for the Institute of Aviation in the department of marketing as a project manager. He deals with analyzing research market and the aerospace sector. He is specialized in inbound marketing. Moreover, he manages guerilla and ambient marketing activities as well as charitable activities of the Institute of Aviation. The initiator and organizer of international science conferences also a curator of the outdoor historical and aviation exhibitions.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.22.12.2016.14
Contact: witold.swieczak(at)
MINIB, 2016, Vol. 22, Issue 4

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