The significance of a university for the development of local administration on the example of Polkowice, one of the richest communes in Poland

- Jan Walczak, M.Sc.

Jan_Walczak_1In this article the author discusses the image of a non-public university in the context of the imageof the local government which functions on the territory where the university is located. The author discusses the mutual influence of both entities and the resulting benefits. In order to illustrate the subject the example has been taken of one of the richest and best-developing local governments in Poland – the Community of Polkowice – which in 2002 decided to establish its own university together with the District (poviat) of Polkowice. The university is financed to a large extent, which is probably an exception in all Poland1 – with funds from the budget of local government. The Lower Silesian University of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Polkowice (DWSPiT) has been functioning on the higher education market for a decade. It has made a significant contribution to the building of a positive image of local authorities and unified the identity of the local community. Even though people from outside Polkowice also study at the university, it is often called a „local government university” or „local university”, alongside the division into public and non-public universities, according to which it was categorized2, according to the law. One of the important things for potential students is the fact that the university is located in the region of Polkowice, which is developing fast and offers the possibility of studying, potential jobs and in the longer perspective also attractive living conditions. The goal of the article is to try to show, on the example of Polkowice and the Lower Silesian University of Entrepreneurship, the impact that a non-public university may have on strengthening the positive image of local government and to present the scope of cooperation between a university and local go- vernment and its image value for the university itself. The subject, due to the limitations imposed by the form of this article, will be limited to only the most important issues.

Jan Walczak, M.Sc., Lower Silesian University of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Polkowice, Poland – graduate of the Faculty of Political Sciences (specialized in political marketing) and Polish philology (specialized in journalism) of the University of Zielona Góra. He completed a post-graduate course on communicating and creating public image (University of Wrocław). Promotion and publication specialist at the Lower Silesian University of Entrepreneurship and Technology. He used to work as a journalist for the newspaper „Gazeta Lubuska”, and dealt with the subject of local administration. He is the author of press articles concerning Polkowice and scientific articles concerning contemporary Polish-Czech relations. The author of a chapter in the monograph titled „Polkowice – historia współczesna 1945-2010” edited by J. Tyszkiewicz (2012).

DOI: 10.14611/minib.16.02.2015.08

Contact: j.walczak(at)

MINIB, 2015, Vol. 16, Issue 2
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