The role of university marketing in shaping innovation awareness

- Professor Lidia Białoń, Emilia Werner M.Sc.

Lidia Bialon Emilia WernerInterest in the subject of this article arose in connection with searching for the causes of this innovativeness of the Polish economy compared to other EU countries. It was also accompanied by the desire to find possible solutions to this situation, discovering various methods of increasing the level of innovativeness in Poland. We are assuming that the level of innovativeness is affected by social awareness in the field of innovativeness.  The basic, root cause of this state of innovativeness of the country is the level of awareness of innovation. An innovative economy cannot be built in an uninnovative environment.
An attempt has been made in this paper to answer the following three questions:
• How can the concepts of innovativeness and innovativeness awareness be defined, and why should they be discussed?
• What role can higher education institutions play in shaping innovativeness awareness in society
• What marketing actions of a higher education establishment can contribute to this role being fulfilled?

Professor Lidia Białoń, Warsaw Management University, Poland – The head of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Warsaw Management University. Her scientific interests are focused on the subjects of innovative activity management and marketing, especially innovation marketing. She has worked in many positions associated with university management – from head of department, through dean to vice-rector. Among her numerous publications devoted to the subject of marketing and company management, the one titled „Zarządzanie działalnością innowacyjną” (Managing innovative activity), Wyd. PLACET, 2010, is definitely noteworthy.

Emilia Werner, M.Sc., Warsaw Management University, Poland – A sociologist. The area of her professional interests includes: functioning of the market, business, social innovations, Corporate Social Responsibility, labour market, a career counseling. These interests are the result of many years of experiences in research projects, such as: analyzing the problems of employment, economic and social awareness, and social attitudes. Furthermore the work as a career counselor – elaborating the careers of job seekers, including both university graduates and secondary school graduates.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.19.01.2016.12

Contact: emalia1(at)

MINIB, 2016, Vol. 19, Issue 1

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