The role of personal marketing in forming the image of a science organization

- Professor Agnieszka Izabela Baruk, Ph.D.

The paper aims to define the role of personal marketing activities in forming the image of a science organization. Based on the critical-cognitive analysis of literature on marketing and management, the paper discusses different interpretations of image and definitions of image related concepts of identity, personality, reputation and brand in the context of science organizations. The work subsequently presents a classification of sub-images of a science organization as an employer, stressing the occurrence of image discrepancy caused by different perceptions of an organization by particular segments of the the personal proposition recipients. The theoretical deliberations are complemented by an analysis of the original empirical research conducted by means of a survey. Special attention is paid to examining how strongly different elements of personal proposition affect perceptions of a science organization. This is analysed mainly from the perspective of potential employees, who represent one of the most important target groups. As the empirical research has been carried out for several years it was possible to make a comparative analysis, which helped to identify and quantify changes in the significance of the analysed determinants of employer perception. Finally, the paper discusses the effects that the personal marketing orientation (or its lack) has on the image of a science organization. The work points out to a very wide spectrum of these effects embracing in fact all areas of an organization’s operations. Regardless of its character, each organization offers certain values to a range of diverse recipients. Their needs determine subjective evaluation of the utility of the marketing proposition of a given organization, including that of a science institution. A science organization simultaneously plays a number of marketing roles, of which very important is that of an employer who offers personal products to the current and prospective employees. It should be emphasized that roles played by an organization are not separate from one another but in practice often overlap. Because of that, a science organization should strive not only to shape its overall image but also implement complex policies as regards its sub-images including that of an employer as the way it is perceived by its employees directly affects the way it is perceived as an actor on the marketplace.

Professor Agnieszka Izabela Baruk, Ph.D. – works as a fellow researcher at the Institute of Innovation and Marketing and holds the Chair of Management and Innovation Systems at the Łódź University of Technology. Her publications comprise 398 peer-reviewed positions including 12 books about transaction and personal marketing and their mutual interdependencies. Prof. Baruk focuses her scientific interests on the issues of marketing management. She is specially interested in the social system of an organization in image development and positioning strategies as well as in applying modern marketing solutions in relation to employees and participants of an organization’s environment in the context of personal and transaction marketing.

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Article published in Transactions of the Institute of Aviation No 226/2012
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