The role of knowledge management in mobile marketing

- Wojciech Łukowski M.Sc.

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing channels of marketing information. Mobile terminal devices and mobile networks allow for mass personalisation of content transmitted to individual recipients thereby facilitating recipient segmentation within one-to-one marketing. Mobile marketing means using interactive wireless media to provide clients with personal information with precise profiling using geo-location, time, and often associated with their interests, sex or other attributes, promoting goods, services and ideas, thus, also generating added value for all the process participants. Mobile media has completely transformed the present concept of marketing campaigns and has opened up a wide array of new opportunities for advertisers. They have also brought new challenges for companies using CRM and KM. In a study involving a group of students, efforts were made to determine the factors which are likely to contribute to finding the answer to the question of how to effectively run mobile marketing campaigns and what should be taken into account when using the tools and knowledge offered by knowledge management and customer relationship management.

Wojciech Łukowski, M.Sc., Institute of Aviation, Poland — Director of the Marketing Division at the Institute of Aviation, marketing management expert. Lecturer and supervisor of postgraduate study diploma theses in the scope of marketing management and public relations, author of numerous articles in scientific and professional journals. Image trainer and trainer in crisis management in public relations trainer and brand marketing. Creator and manager of domestic and international marketing campaigns for a plethora of enterprises and institutions.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.25.09.2017.16
Contact: wojciech.lukowski(at)
MINIB, 2017, Vol. 25, Issue 3

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