The role of higher education institutions in shaping the intellectual capital in light of marketing innovation

- Prof. Lidia Białoń

The systemic approach implied by marketing innovation requires professional shaping of the intellectual capital. Innovation marketing shall fulfill its role on the basis of 5 i’s principle. Fulfillment of those tasks requires specialists, thoroughly trained in marketing, management and in the theoretical foundations for innovative activity. The higher education institutions are responsible for preparing such specialists. The fundamental problems lie both in constructing adequate curricula and in training the instructors for using them in class. On the one hand, such program should derive from the logic of the processes of innovation; on the other it should draw from the rules of marketing and management. The necessary level and structure of the intellectual capital demands precise adaptation of such programs to consolidated actions within marketing innovation.

Prof. Lidia Białoń, Warsaw Management Academy, Poland – is a professor at the Warsaw Management Academy – the head of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Her scientific interests focus around management of innovative activity and marketing, especially marketing of innovation. She has held many positions associated with management of universities – from head of department, through dean, to prorector. Among many publications devoted to the issues of marketing, company management the most remarkable is the work titled “Zarządzanie działalnością innowacyjną”, Wyd. PLACET, 2010.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.09.03.2013.08

Contact: emalia1(at)

MINIB, 2013, Vol. 9, Issue 3
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