Scientific institution’s ways of communicating with the environment

- Pruchnicka Joanna

The Internet has given its users ways for fast and inexpensive publication of information, dissemination of their creativity, experiences and thoughts.Blogs have become one of the forms particularly popular over the recent years.Impact of blogs on the audience has turned out to be so significant that they quickly have begun to be used as a marketing tool, both in the area of public relations as well as advertising.  By definition, blog imposes a significant simplification on the message conveyed, both in terms of content and language, making them more legible, comprehensible and interesting for each recipient.This makes this form of communication extremely attractive for science, especially in the context of its commercialization and dissemination of information on the scientific and research achievements.  For science, scientific and research institutions and scientists a certain dualism arises in the approach to using blogs as a means of communicating with the environment.On one hand, blogs provide a quick, simple transmission of information and knowledge, on the other hand, most people feel that scientific blogs lack credibility and seriousness usually associated with messages coming from the world of science, research and experiments.  For many years, blog have been extremely popular, even the required form of communication used by the American and Western scientists.There is a growing awareness of the merits of blogging on the subjects of science in Poland. However, in the opinion of the respondents of the research presented in the article, the dominant tools for the dissemination and promotion of science are scientific conferences and publications, namely those which by their very nature limit the range and spread of information.

Joanna Pruchnicka, PhD., Research and Supervisory Centre of Underground Mining Co. Ltd, Poland – doctor of human sciences, political sciences and journalism at the University of Silesia in Katowice and the Diplomacy Studies of Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, social communication specialist at Research and Supervisory Centre of Underground Mining Co. Ltd and senior lecturer at the Department of Journalism and Social Communications at J. Dietel Małopolski University in Kraków.Areas of professional interest include public relations, image creation, diplomatic protocol and marketing communications.Author of scientific, journalistic and promotional publications.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.12.02.2014.06

Contact: joannapruchnicka(at)

MINIB, 2014, Vol. 12, Issue 2

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