The cooperation between universities as a way to build strong business and scientific units

- Kamila Peszko Ph.D.

More and more frequently in the literature you can meet the described cooperation between the university and the business environment. These projects relate both to joint research, raising funds in the framework of EU grants, practices, internships for students, graduates and employees of the university, preparation of expert reports, prototypes, diagnoses, matching the educational offer to the needs of the local market, etc. However considerably less can meet with the co-operation among universities but also in this area can be indicated numerous opportunities for joint action. Polish universities are increasingly willing to look for a partner in foreign universities to cooperation  or  join forces to become stronger scientific and business partner in available projects. More and more projects are created to make cooperation between centers to exchange information and realization joint ventures. The article presents possible ways to  cooperation between units, as well as present the actions taken so far. The author points to the importance of cooperation and  the need for joint action between universities and business. Which may have impact on the image and position university in the national or foreign rankings. In the article the author presents a case study describing the activities of the established cooperation between public universities in the West Pomeranian Region.

Kamila Peszko, Ph.D., University of Szczecin, Poland – Doctor of Economics at the Faculty of Management and Economics of Services (FMES), at the University of Szczecin in Poland. Member of the Polish Society of Market and Opinion Research. Advisor in the scope of marketing research and actions and a level 3 trainer. She served as to the proxy of the Dean for FMES Promotion in the years 01.2014-09.2015. She is responsible from the Faculty for cooperation with the business community. Her research interests include: marketing communication, media, generations, modern methods of promotion and marketing of higher education institutions.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.23.03.2017.09
Contact: kamila.peszko(at)

MINIB, 2017, Vol. 23, Issue 1

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