Influencers as support for public relations campaigns

The article is a collection of analyses carried out on the basis of literature on the subject and data collected with the utilization of desk research method. It also presents conclusions from surveys conducted by means of a qualitative method – IDI technique – during the Congress of Public Relations Professionals, which took place in April 2018 in Rzeszów. In the group of respondents there were representatives of public relations branch who cooperate with influencers and on top of that have rich experience in the area of PR activities conducted by means of the Internet. The goal of this article … Czytaj więcej »

Putting science on the public agenda

The link between science and society is inevitable and becoming ever more important. Science is a relevant media content, but it needs to provide an interesting story in an attractive field. The question arises of how to get to the story and how to capture the momentum so that the audience or non-experts will understand the advantages, change their behaviour, and create a positive attitude to science.

Being a communication expert, I explored the relationships between society, the media (journalists) and science (scientists). I examined different contexts that are typical of each group and what is the potential to make … Czytaj więcej »

Media relations – promoting scientific and research institutions in the media in Poland and Europe

Media are one of key intermediaries for dissemination of information and one of the most effective tools of promotion. They allow us to get our message across both to a broad group of recipients and a profiled recipient adequate for the subject, content and character of the provided message. The essence of information reaching the recipients through the media is the credibility, trust and impartiality attributed to it and thus its strength. For this reason building relations with the media is so important in public relations. Taking into consideration the fact that media to a large extent form the awareness … Czytaj więcej »

Research and scientific achievements as media events

In Polish science much more is going on, than what media reports suggest. Why is that the number and volume of these reports is small, they appear rarely and their rank isn’t really high? Participating in various kinds of events devoted to scientific achievements (eg. conferences, meetings) it is possible to notice that representatives of the media are present only at few such events. Even when press conferences or other events for representatives of the media are held, the interest of the media is low. After all one of the key instruments of public relations is press conference at which … Czytaj więcej »

How to cooperate efficiently with the media in situation of crisis – case study

The essence of this article is to show the differences and the degree of difficulty in standard and crisis communication. Communication that we use every day in cooperation with the media should serve as the basis and contribution to obtaining certain efficiency of information distribution, which will pay off in a crisis situation. Rescuing a dog named Baltic could prove to be a major crisis in the history of the NMFRI. There were many threats and decisions that could be regarded as unfavourable for the Institute — is it allowed and for the sake of what — to threaten health … Czytaj więcej »