The image of a research institution as an important element in shaping the level of competitiveness of the organisation

The primary objective of the publication is defining the factors and processes affecting the efficient course of actions undertaken around building a positive image of the organisation. The study raises key aspects of this issue. The diagnosis providing that the recipient is guided in his/her purchasing decisions by the opinions about a given product or service that reach them through all the available content distribution channels is appearing increasingly often in subsequent study findings. The same studies have also confirmed that an inherent feature of a knowledge-based economy is the level of the intangible asset share as regards determining the … Czytaj więcej »

Visual identity and rebranding

Wrona KatarzynaThe goal of this article is to highlight the essence of visual identification and rebranding, as well as to discuss elements of corporate identity, which are subject to revitalization in the process of refreshing the image of a brand. In the first part the article the analysis of the term visual identification is conducted. In the analysis special attention is drawn to the role of visual identification in creating a coherent identity of an organization. In the subsequent chapters further components of corporate identity are presented in detail – starting with logotype, through business forms, advertisements, accompanying materials and Internet … Czytaj więcej »

Visual identity of a selected university – the scope, process of implementation, management

Image is one of key elements which determines whether contemporary market entities achieve a competitive advantage. This is also true in case of universities which compete with each other – mainly to attract students. The image of a university in its environment is to a large extent determined by consistent application of the system of visual identity, which includes recommendations concerning the functioning of an organization in the sphere of markers (symbolism). The basic goal of this article is to define the factors conditioning the efficient utilization of such systems by universities. Exemplification of the process of planning and implementing … Czytaj więcej »

Building visual identity of scientific and research units and the role of visualization in cooperation with business

The need for commercialization of scientific research leads to the necessity of changing the orientation of scientific-research units to marketing orientation, which is characterized by, among others, conducting research aimed at learning the clients’ needs and building better communication with the recipients. What is an important element of a unit’s marketing communication is its visual identity system, which the recipients use to build their opinion and their picture of the unit.

The goal of this article is an attempt to define the key rules of designing visual identity of scientific and research institutions, as well as presenting the role of … Czytaj więcej »

Visual identification and its role in shaping brand awareness and marketing communication

Every scientific and research institution can be treated as a provider of services carrying out research and development projects or running educational activities and as such is subject to the same mechanisms of market competition as a „model” company. An institution of this kind can create a recognizable brand and can convince its clients that they are buying something exceptional. Strong brands excel on a crowded market, they help consumers choose from a whole spectrum of options and emphasize the essential value of the service – by raising trust they provide clients with what they expect. In the process of … Czytaj więcej »