Successful Technology Commercialization – Yes or No? Improving the Odds. The Quick Look Methodology and Process

- Professor William Bradley Zehner II, Professor Gary Pletcher

This article explores the relationships which transform new scientific knowledge into new commercial products, services, and ventures to create wealth creation.  The major technology and marketing commercialization dilemmas are defined and addressed.  The Quicklook methodology and related processes to quickly assess the commercial viability and potential of a scientific research project is explained.   Using the Quicklook methodology and process early in the research and development process improves the success odds of commercialization.

Professor William Bradley “Brad” Zehner II, St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas, USA – is an Associate Professor of Management and a Global Teaching Fellow.  He is also a Fellow at the IC2 Institute – “a think and do tank focused on wealth creation” – at The University of Texas at Austin.  Formerly, Dr. Zehner was director of the MS in Technology Commercialization program at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Zehner earned his Ph.D. in Executive Management and Leadership from the Peter F. Drucker School of the Claremont Graduate University.  Dr. Zehner earned master’s degrees in psychology, marketing, and finance.  Dr. Zehner was a global executive for 25+ years prior to becoming an academic

 Professor R. Gary Pletcher, St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas, USA – is an Assistant Professor of Management.  Dr. Pletcher has over 30 years of domestic and global business and industry experience where he held several leadership and management positions in Fortune 100 companies and SME organizations.  Dr. Pletcher was executive vice president of a medical school. Dr. Pletcher earned his Ph.D. in Management and Organizations from Capella University as well as a master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from the University of North Texas. 

DOI: 10.14611/minib.25.09.2017.13
Contact: willbz(at), garyp(at)
MINIB, 2017, Vol. 25, Issue 3

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