Social Media Marketing – why businesses need to use it and how

The goal of this article is to show how and why it is important for businesses to not only understand social media marketing, but to also include it as an integral part of their marketing strategies. In this article will be set out some basic strategies for how to be successful in social media marketing and conclude with a more in-depth look at Facebook.

Ola Agbaimoni, M.Sc., Socialable, UK – was a Partner in Socialable Ltd. in London, UK, a social media company managing social media engagement for businesses. Ola’s background is in project management, regeneration, inward investment and marketing, business development and change management. Ola has over 15 years senior management experience in a large corporate setting leading multidisciplinary teams; running multimillion pound projects, marketing campaigns and strategic planning. Ola is also a certified coach, NLP practitioner and accomplished author, speaker and presenter.

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Lilach Bullock, M.Sc., Socialable, UK – is a business owner, social media consultant, internet mentor and founder of Socialable Ltd. in London, UK. One of the most dynamic personalities in the UK social media market, she actively leverages ethical internet marketing across all the key social media platforms for her own and her clients’ advantage. After launching her first business within three years of becoming a mother, her financial success was recognised by being a finalist at the Best Mumpreneur of the Year Awards, presented at 10 Downing Street. Following a resulting offer and wishing to spend more time with her daughter, she sold her first business to focus on social media, developing a multi-site blog and internet marketing portfolio. Lilach is consulted by journalists and regularly quoted in newspapers on social media related matters, including The Sunday Times, Prima magazine, BBC Radio 5 Live. A keynote speaker at business and marketing seminars, Lilach teaches social media. Her second book Influencing with Images achieved a number one on Amazon within Sales & Marketing.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.08.02.2013.13

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MINIB, 2013, Vol. , Issue 2
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