Reviewing rules

Rules for reviewing manuscript texts for publication in the “Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations” Quarterly:

  1. At least two freelance reviewers – being neither on the editorial staff nor on the staff of the academic and/or research unit to which the author is affiliated – will be appointed to review each manuscript intended for publication.
  2. Should the submitted manuscript be in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers must be affiliated with a foreign institution from a country different from the author’s country of nationality.
  3. The reviewers won’t get to know the identity of the authors, and the authors won’t get to know the identity of the reviewers (the so-called double-blind review process).
  4. Should other solutions be adopted, reviewers must make a declaration that they do not have any potential conflict of interests; what would be considered conflict of interests are the following relationships between the author and the reviewer:
    1. direct personal relations (e.g. kinship, legal connections, conflict), and
    2. superior -inferior relationships in a workplace, and
    3. direct academic and/or research cooperation over the last 2 years preceding the review process.
    4. Reviews will be in writing and end in a clear conclusion on accepting a given article for publication, or rejecting it. Based on that, the Editorial Board will make their decision on approving the article for publication, or rejecting it.
    5.  Eligibility conditions for publication and the Reviewer Form have been made publicly available. The eligibility criteria are as follows: originality of the issues undertaken, merits of the text, quality of own research (if applicable), literary sources used. The Reviewer Form and the formal requirements to be met by the authors are available on the journal website (
    6. The names of the reviewers of each individual publication / each individual issue will not be revealed; once a year the journal will make a list of its cooperating reviewers available on its website.
    7. All the reviews ordered will become the property of the “Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations” quarterly.

MINIB_Manuscript Review Form