Research and scientific achievements as media events

- Jaromir Matulewicz, M.A.

In Polish science much more is going on, than what media reports suggest. Why is that the number and volume of these reports is small, they appear rarely and their rank isn’t really high? Participating in various kinds of events devoted to scientific achievements (eg. conferences, meetings) it is possible to notice that representatives of the media are present only at few such events. Even when press conferences or other events for representatives of the media are held, the interest of the media is low. After all one of the key instruments of public relations is press conference at which we can provide the media with important and up-to-date information. Moreover, it can not only bring particular effects in the media (articles, relations, information in the media), but above all bring about effects in the public opinion (growth of interest, change in opinion, expanding knowledge). Obviously, in many cases presenting information at a press conference is far too little. If a scientific institution has really important information (groundbreaking news), which may arouse the interest of a major part of the society and thus also various media – then it is worth taking into consideration a different form of meeting with the media. This can obviously be a traditional press conference, but also a briefing or a press party. Certainly, everyone who organizes such events is able to choose a form appropriate for the rank and importance of information (news), which he wants to present.

Jaromir Matulewicz, M.A. – for almost 20 years he has been dealing with marketing and customer relation management, the head of the Management, Marketing and International Cooperation Department at the Institute of Urban Development in Kraków. He gained experience, among others, in ICT, printing companies as well as in scientific units. He managed the organization of many domestic and international conferences, seminars and congresses, both commercial and scientific in character.

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Article published in Transactions of the Institute of Aviation No 223/2012
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