Relational benefits and quality of relation – towards understanding of the ties between science and business

- Małgorzata Grzegorczyk Ph.D.

Malgorzata GrzegorczykThe goal of this article is to answer the question in what way relational marketing and in particular, the concept of relational benefits, as well as quality of relation may influence the transfer of knowledge and technologies from universities to business. Another goal is to highlight significant, future directions of research in this area. Integration of the theory of relational marketing and technology transfer may create a new framework for fuller understanding of the ties between science and business. Research in this area may contribute to the expansion and development of the theory of relational marketing, which until now was limited to the analysis of relations within a single sector. The results of conducted research show that ties characterized by high relational engagement are common, recognized by both academic and business environment as precious and play an important role in stimulating innovations. The quality of relations and relational benefits may play an important role in building long-term ties between universities and the industry. Integration of behavioural theories with the theory of technology transfer may contribute to a better understanding of the behaviour of particular participants of the transfer on the individual level.


Dr. Małgorzata Grzegorczyk, University of Lodz, Faculty of Management, Poland – is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Management University of Lodz, Poland. In 2008 she received a Ph.D. from University of Lodz in the area of economic sciences. Her dissertation was on customer relationship management. She teaches  Relationship Marketing, Marketing of New Technologies, Assessment of Commercialization Potential of Innovation and more marketing and innovation related subjects in both Polish and English language. Since 2008 she cooperates with Technology Transfer Center of the University of Lodz as an consultant, trainer and project leader.  She became a Director of MSTC program based on the degree program of the University of Texas at Austin: Master of Science in Technology Commercialization (MSTC). In 2015 she won Fulbright Advanced Research Award and now is conducting her research on building relationships in commercialization processes, as a Fulbright Scholar, at the IC2 Institute, UT.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.20.03.2016.07
Contact: mgrzegorczyk(at)
MINIB, 2016, Vol. 20, Issue 2

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