Publication Rules for the “Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations” Quarterly


  • Any adult person may submit his/her article proposed for publication to the Editorial Board. The manuscript must have scholarly and research merit, i.e. it must present the findings of original empirical, theoretical, technical, or analytical research. Also, monographs, polemical papers, reviews, or legal commentaries  may be considered as having scholarly merit.
  • The manuscript text must not have been previously published in another journal.
  • By submitting his/her manuscript for publication, the author asserts his/her copyright over the manuscript and gives his/her consent to having the article published in the “Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations” Quarterly in an electronic format, which is the original version, and in other publication formats as well.
  • Each manuscript is subject to review conducted in accordance with the procedure described on the website ( The average waiting time for a decision to be taken is approximately one month, and begins on the date of submission, after which time the author will be advised as to whether or not his/her manuscript will be published. Publication will take place approximately 6 months after the decision date. The publication decision is made independently by the Editorial Board.
  • The Editorial Board reserves the right to abridge and edit the manuscript texts approved for publication.
  • The manuscript should have a cover letter enclosed, with the author’s profile and his/her institutional affiliation, e-mail address and telephone number. Further, an English language translation of the title is required, as well as two abstracts – in Polish and English, followed by key words given in both languages. In addition, “The Copyrights Transfer Agreement” and “An Information Form” must be enclosed with the manuscript intended for publication.
  • No royalties shall be paid for an article published.
  • The Statistical Editor has the right to suspend publication of a submitted text should it include gross statistical errors.

Manuscript texts should be submitted electronically to the address: , with the default MS Word settings: Times New Roman 12; 1.5 line spacing, margins set at 2.5 cm.

Articles should not exceed the author’s sheet limit (the length of 40,000 characters including spaces).

The text should include the following elements (in the order given):

  1. Title in English and
  2. Athor’s full name and institutional affiliations (moving from more general to more detailed information); and
  3. Abstract covering the points made in the article – in English and
  4. 5-7 key words in English and
  5. Body text (including paragraph headings); and
  6. References in APA Standards; and
  7. Bibliography; and
  8. Bio of author(s).

10. Submitted articles should be saved in two formats: for editing, as Microsoft Office Word 2007 (docx or doc), and for checking, as Adobe Acrobat Document (pdf).

This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author.