Possibilities of brand promotion trough lifestyle mobile sports application

- Anna Jasiulewicz, Ph.D., Zygmunt Waśkowski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

The objective of the article was to present the authors’ conceptual model of using lifestyle sports applications.
Proposed model provides classification of lifestyle sports mobile applications types used by companies for brand
promotion purposes and identification of ways in which companies can reach users through applications. The
recognition of benefits that applications can provide to the enterprises and possible benefits associated with the
presence of brands in the application for its user was also provided in the conceptual model. The second objective
was to study the opinions of runners about the presence of brands in sports mobile applications on the basis of
own quantitative research (n = 2434 questionnaires). The research results indicate that presence of commercial
brands in the app is treated by their users as too invasive, therefore this communication tool should be used with
moderate intensity. In spite of the fact that majority of sports applications users are reluctant to see brands in
their apps, a significant proportion of them participate in the activities and challenges proposed by companies.
According to the authors, lifestyle mobile applications could be promising marketing space for vendors, especially
regarding the growing market of sports mobile apps users. However, companies should use more personalized,
innovative and socially responsible approach to application users. Although the article uses the results of
empirical research, it should be treated primarily as a signalling of a new research problem, which is the new
brand communication channel with consumers. Thus, it is descriptive rather than exploratory.

Zygmunt Waśkowski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Poznan University of Economics and Business, Marketing Institute, Department of Marketing Strategies, Poland — is a professor of Poznan University of Economics and Business, director of Marketing Institute and Head of Marketing Strategies Department, v-ce Dean of Faculty of Management PUEB in 2012–2019, chairman of the Board of Polish Scientific Society of Marketing. Scientific areas: Sport Marketing, Management of Sport Organisations, Marketing Strategies. Author of about 100 articles on these topics. Chairman of the organising committee of Running Events Conference (seven editions so far), one of the most important and prestigious running conferences in Poland. For six years he has been conducting scientific research on the Polish running market titled: “Profile of a Polish Runner”.

Anna Jasiulewicz, Ph.D., Warsaw University of Life Sciences WULS, Faculty of Economics, Institute of Management, Poland — is an assistant professor of Faculty of Economic Sciences at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, theme editor in the international journal Annals of Marketing Management & Economics (AMME), head of Postgraduate Public Procurement Studies. She is an author of about 50 articles and researcher with special interest in marketing, consumer behaviour, enterprises marketing innovative strategies.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2020-0019
Kontakt: anna_jasiulewicz@sggw.pl , zygmunt.waskowski@ue.poznan.pl
MINIB, 2020, Vol. 37, Issue 3

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