Perception of the university as an employer among young potential employees

- Professor Agnieszka Izabela Baruk

agnieszka barukThe article is theoretical-empirical in character. It presents issues associated with the external image of the university as an employer. In the theoretical part the views of various researchers presented in literature on the subject, concerning among others the employer’s image and its determinants, are analysed. It is emphasized that up till now the aspects of image (including aspects associated with the external image) in case of universities as one of key service providers serving an important function in the society haven’t been analysed too much. In the empirical part of the article based on the results of primary research the manner of perception of the university as an employer by one of the segments of potential employees, namely young people entering the labour market, is identified and analysed. 4 research hypotheses were subject to empirical verification. They were formulated with regard to associations of the respondents with a university as an employer. It turned out that universities are associated mainly with an employer guaranteeing opportunities for development and self-realization. At the same time associations with an employer guaranteeing high salary, feeling of stability, or high social prestige are comparably less significant. Thus, 3 research hypotheses haven’t been confirmed and one of them can be confirmed. This constitutes an important hint for universities as employers, making it easier for them to take coherent and complex image-related action.

Professor Agnieszka Izabela Baruk, Łódź University of Technology, Poland – works as a fellow researcher at the Institute of Innovation and Marketing and holds the Chair of Management and Innovation Systems at the Łódź University of Technology. She works in University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Department of Management and Marketing too. Her publications comprise 434 peer-reviewed positions including 14 books about transaction and personal marketing and their mutual interdependencies. Prof. Baruk focuses her scientific interests on the issues of marketing management. She is specially interested in the social system of an organization in image development and positioning strategies as well as in applying modern marketing solutions in relation to employees and participants of an organization’s environment in the context of personal and transaction marketing.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.21.09.2016.07
Contact: agnieszka.baruk(at)
MINIB, 2016, Vol. 21, Issue 3

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