Measurement of social media Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

- Prof. Bogdan Gregor, Tomasz Kubiak, M.Sc.

Nowadays social media gather millions of users and virtual communities have become the core of the Internet. Thanks to various forms of communications (both the standard and more invasive ones) the function of social media undergoes changes. What initially was meant to make new virtual friends, now more and more often is implemented in enterprises’ activities, thus opening new opportunities to build a dialogue with buyers, to strengthen a positive image of science and to boost sales. The key to conduct effective actions in the social media are the measurements of what is happening in them. The application of these measurements allows to make better adjustments in the strategies of companies’ presence in the social portals. The aim of the article is to define the most important areas/subjects of the measurements used in this regard and the tools that are used to monitor the Internet.

Prof. Bogdan Gregor, University of Łódź, Poland – professor at the University of Łódź, the head of the Department of Marketing, for many years the dean of the Faculty of Management of the University of Łódź, from 2008 vice-rector for economic affairs at the University of Łódź. Humboldt Foundation Scholar. His interests in the field of science and research are focused on challenges for contemporary marketing resulting from far-reaching changes in the environment of companies. He pays special attention to the issue of using new communication and IT technologies in marketing. Author (or co-author) almost 300 publications, including about a dozen books. Numerous apprenticeships at foreign universities (among others, USA, Germany, Holland).

Contact: prorekonom(at)

Tomasz Kubiak, M.Sc., University of Łódź, Poland – graduate of the Faculty of Management of the University of Łódź, specializations: management, finance and accounting. A big fan of innovative technologies, for many years a journalist at magazines dealing with new telecommunication technologies.   The creator of a few portals about telecommunication technology, among others, and In his research he focuses on the utilization of modern technologies in marketing. Volunteer at Project Management Institiute Łódź Chapter, holder of Prince2 certification on the Foundation level.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.08.02.2013.08

Contact: tomasz.kubiak1989(at)

MINIB, 2013, Vol. , Issue 2
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