Marketing based on knowledge as a basis for strategy of research institution – on the example of the Packaging Research Institute

- Prof. Stanislaw Tkaczyk, Associate Prof. Hanna Żakowska, Joanna Kuzincow, M.Sc., Marzenna Kobylarz, M.Sc.

Basis for marketing activities of COBRO – Packaging Research Institute are two main issues. First of all, as a small research and development centre, COBRO has no funds to carry out specialized marketing department. On the other hand, due to huge growth of packaging market, all needs of stakeholders – companies but also other research institutions seeking consortium members – cannot be entirely identified or forecasted, and practical solutions are created in the course of cooperation. For all that reasons Institute has developed its own concept of the knowledge-based marketing, which means more flexible use of the potential of academics and research employees.

Prof. Stanislaw Tkaczyk, Packaging Research Institute COBRO, Poland – Director of  COBRO – Packaging Research Institute and Head of Qualitology Centre at the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology. An internationally recognized specialist in the field of materials engineering and management, quality management in particular, he is the author of over 400 scientific publications.

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Associate Prof. Hanna Żakowska, PhD., Packaging Research Institute COBRO, Poland – doctor of Economics, Deputy Director for Research at COBRO – Packaging Research Institute, has been engaged in numerous R&D projects. The author of many publications in the field of packaging, packaging waste management, ecology of packaging and biodegradable packaging, she teaches at Almamer University.

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Joanna Kuzincow, M.Sc., Packaging Research Institute COBRO, Poland is currently working towards her PhD degree in Management at Warsaw University of Technology. She is a specialist in the Department of Systems Support at COBRO Packaging Research Institute.

Contact: kuzincow(at)

Marzenna Kobylarz, M.Sc., Packaging Research Institute COBRO, Poland – a specialist in the Department of Information and Coordination at COBRO Packaging Research Institute.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.09.03.2013.09

Contact: kobylarz(at)

MINIB, 2013, Vol. 9, Issue 3
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