Knowledge and innovations as factors of organizational development – an integrated approach

- Jerzy Baruk, Ph.D. Eng

Jerzy BarukContemporary organizations function in a stormy and competitive environment, that’s why they have to look for efficient methods for own development. One of such methods is the systemic creation of facilitating and radical innovations, as well as implementing them in particular functional areas. Efficient creation of innovations treated as an important factor for the development of organizations, is determined by access to appropriate resources of knowledge. In the publication the author proposes a new concept of managing organizations which are focused on development. The essence of this concept is covering innovation management and knowledge management with one management system. This concept is enriched with some model solutions.
In this publication an attempt was made to achieve two goals: 1) cognitive goal, which involves highlighting: the essence of development of an organization; the essence of innovations and their role in the development of an organization; the essence of knowledge and its role in the creation of innovations; as well as mutual relations between knowledge, innovations and the development of an organization, 2) utilitarian goal, which involves proposing a few model solutions in the area of innovation management, knowledge management and an integrated approach to managing knowledge, innovations in the context of development of an organization. Managers by following these models can contribute to the rationalization of the information/decision-making processes focused on the development of an organization based on knowledge and innovations.
The goal of this publication is showing that between the elements of the proposed concept of management there are mutual cause and effect relations. Two research methods were used to prepare this article: cognitive-critical analysis of literature and the projective method.

Jerzy Baruk, Ph.D. Eng., Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland – a retired academic of the Institute of Marketing and Management of the Faculty of Economics at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. His research work focuses on the organisational and economic aspects of innovation activities, innovation management and management through innovation, as well as the impact of innovation on the efficient functioning of organisations. Knowledge management and the relationship between the management of knowledge and innovation creation constitutes another area of his research work. Author of over 350 scientific publications on the broader aspects of innovation and knowledge management published in domestic and international scientific journals and conference materials. Author of four books and numerous other co-authored publications. He has also presented the results of his scholarly work and research at many domestic and international conferences. A fellow of the following learned organisations: Scientific Society of Organization and Management; Polish Association for Production Management; “Taures” Economic Initiative Enterprise in Warsaw; Lublin Scientific Society; Polish Praxeological Society; University – Industry – Science Partnership; Polish UNISPAR Working Group Society; Innovative Entrepreneurs’ Club at the Lublin Development Foundation. Advisor in the Lublin Branch of the Scientific Society for Organization and Management as well as the “Taures” Economic Initiative Enterprise in Warsaw.

DOI: 10.14611/MINIB.29.09.2018.12
Contact: jerzy.baruk(at)
MINIB, 2018, Vol. 29, Issue 3

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