Interaction Effect of Country of Manufacture and Brand Awareness on Malaysian Young Adults Purchase Intention of Low Involvement Product

- Chui Seong Lim, Kay Tze Hong, Siew Chin Wong, Louisa Hew Wei Yee

This study aims to examine the interaction effect of country of manufacture and brand awareness, packaging and price impact on the purchase intention of toothpaste among young adults in Malaysia. As previous studies show, the country of origin should not be taken as a single clue, as it exaggerates the country of origin effect. This study evaluates the effect of the country of origin effect on the low-involvement good (toothpaste). The Cue Utilization Theory was used to explain how the consumer uses product cues to rate a product before making a purchase decision. Study data are analysed using SmartPLS. The results of this study showed that all variables influence consumer purchase intention for toothpaste. IPMA analysis showed that the interaction effect of the country of manufacture and brand awareness are important factors.

Lim Chui Seong, DBA — Faculty of Business, Economic and Accounting, Business Department. Her research interests are in the area of marketing, consumer’s behavior, e-commerce and social entrepreneurialship and management.
Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing from National University of Malaysia (UKM).

Hong Kay Tze, PhD — Faculty of Business and Law, School of Management and Marketing. She completed her PhD (Business Economics) in 2018, from University of Putra Malaysia. She has authored and co-authored many articles in refereed and professional journals including International Journal of Economics and Management, Review of Business Management, International Journal of Human Resource Studies and International Journal of Business and Society. Her research interests are in the area of marketing, consumer’s behavior, retailing and corporate social responsibility.
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Economics from University Putra Malaysia.

Wong Siew Chin, PhD — Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting, HELP University, Malaysia. Her research interests are human resource development, career development and organizational behavior.
Currently, her research focuses on career development among public and private sectors employees.
Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resources Management from University Putra Malaysia.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2021-0004
MINIB, 2021, Vol. 39, Issue 1

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