Event marketing as one of the forms of marketing innovation in scientific and research institutions

- Aneta Olejniczak, M.A.

Far-reaching changes taking place in Poland over the recent years, a time of strong competition and tough market rules in all branches forces companies to resort to more effective marketing management. The imposed pace and the skill of adapting to new situations are becoming a real challenge. A company which wants to strengthen or maintain its position on the market has to constantly adapt to the needs and requirements of consumers and to the changing situation on the market. Scientific and research institutions are trying to find their place in the market economy. Many of them manage to achieve high revenues from the conducted research activities by finding demand for their research and services. Many institutions are looking for private companies which could be interested in ordering research from them. Dynamic changes taking place in the surroundings of research and scientific institutions force these entities to look for efficient ways of communicating with various groups, both from the internal and the external environment. In this context event marketing can be regarded as an innovation in marketing, which – used by big corporations around the world – can certainly be a promotion tool for Polish scientific and research institutes.

Aneta Olejniczak – MA in economics, specialist in the area of marketing, logistics and banking. She is the head of the biggest project of its kind in Europe – the nation-wide „The Age of Engineers” project, which is supposed to popularize the profession of engineer and hard sciences among students of high schools. She manages public relations and internal marketing activities at the Institute of Aviation. She is interested both in marketing and in psychology.

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Article published in Transactions of the Institute of Aviation No 226/2012
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