Effective time management – selected issues

- Aneta Olejniczak, M.Sc.

Deliberations included in this article contain the basic issues related to the subject of time management. As we know, people who waste their time the most, most complain about the lack of the time. We should treat our time, time of our co-workers, and friends as a valuable, but limited wealth. Principles of effective time management can be applied in any scientific and research institutions, companies or corporations. The benefits of a good and effective time management will be felt not only by ourselves but also by our friends and family. Detailed formulation of objectives, identification and elimination of time wasters and postponing work on later (Procrastination), using methods of time management and systematic control will allow for efficient use of time. A good plan is the basis for optimal and meaningful use of time.

Aneta Olejniczak, M.Sc., Institute of Aviation, Poland – MA in economics, specialist in the area of marketing, logistics and banking. She manages public relations and internal marketing activities at the Institute of Aviation. She works for the Institute of Aviation as Conference Office Manager. She is interested both in marketing and in psychology.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.07.01.2013.13

Contact: Aneta.Olejniczak(at)ilot.edu.pl

MINIB, 2013, Vol. 7, Issue 1

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