Determinants in the marketing of a research and scientific institution

- Professor Bogdan Sojkin, Ph.D., Jakub Jasiczak, Ph.D. Eng.

Nowadays, the fact that a participant of any product market conducts marketing activities comes as no surprise. In fact it’s surprising only if a participant doesn’t use any tools from the rich array of marketing instruments. However, what is very important and requires great knowledge and experience from a market participant is the preparation of a set of market values defining clearly the goals of his activities on the market. These values should be accompanied by a properly matched company strategy (including marketing strategy) allowing the achievement of these values, as well as implementation of the strategy appropriate for the defined market mechanism. Achieving and implementing these values in practice are not easy and what makes this even harder are the processes of globalization, dynamic development of information technology and the dynamics and complexity of market conditions, relations between stakeholders/participants of the market and permanent crises on micro and macro scales. This is what poses great challenges for the participants of any product market who want to implement their marketing strategies efficiently. In this respect the participants of the market of research and scientific institutions have to face exceptional challenges and requirements. The market values they offer (mainly innovations) need an exceptional approach due to the fact that they have to satisfy unknown, often new needs of their clients, which have to be precisely described and explained in a comprehensive way (misconceptions concerning GMO or nanotechnology). Sometimes, it is necessary to educate the participant of the target market in a thought-out and intensive way. This very often requires a different approach to the marketing of research and scientific institution, which starting out from traditional 4P or 4C tools will concentrate mainly on the identification of the formed infrastructure of the target market, applying efficient and effective marketing instruments and forming market/marketing relations among stakeholders of innovation processes.

Professor Bogdan Sojkin, Ph.D. – Head of the Department of Product Marketing at the Faculty of Science of Commodities at the Poznań University of Economics. Author and co-author of many publications from the area of product management, product marketing, consumer behaviour and commercialization of food and industrial products. Head and implementer of research projects of NCN (National Science Centre) and NCBiR (National Centre for Research and Development) covering the issues of innovations the process of introducing them to the market. Cooperates with and works as a consultant for Polish companies from the food sector.

Jan Jasiczak, Ph.D. Eng. – Assistant Professor in the Department of Product Marketing of the Poznań University of Economics. Specialized in the area of product management, innovation marketing and marketing communication, as well as in the area of relations of the world of science with business. Participant of research projects concerning, among others, the attitudes of consumers towards innovative products, companies’ management of brand portfolios, as well as strategic management at universities. Cooperates with the Poznań Science and Technology Park in the areas of development and support for entrepreneurship.

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Article published in Transactions of the Institute of Aviation No 226/2012
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