Creative communication in public relations activities

- Dalibor Jakus, M.Sc.

This article discusses several approaches to new waves of public relations. Emphasis is given to the creative impulse since many public relations professionals are less familiar with it than other forms of communication. Five criteria are suggested for structuring creative communications: 1. learning how to be a good storyteller; 2. visual communication is the content that could increasingly build strong relationships with audiences; 3. the PR practitioner’s challenge is to evaluate what people are discussing and identify the recurring issues in their marketplace; 4. recognizing that local is new global; and 5. predicate that PR is constantly changing. People who work in public relations possess the skill of offering arguments that will convince the people themselves of something. However, these skills can be offered in traditional or creative forms of expression. If we define public relations as the management of an organization’s communication with its public, then we are referring to the traditional dimension of public relations, the basis and ultimate goal of which are to cultivate relationships with the participants of the process in order to obtain support and to build trust and reputation.

Dalibor Jakus, M.Sc., Nulaosam, Croatia – is PR director in Marketing Communications Agency Nulaosam. Dalibor has been studying Faculty of Agriculture Science. The author has over 10 years’ experience in public relations, marketing and journalism. Author of numerous articles, essays, TV reportages, documentaries scenarios and other variety of publications related to public relations, IT technology, fashion and politics; editor of on-line magazine and writer. Dalibor is also blogger and member of Croatian Public Relations Association.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.10.04.2013.11

Contact: dalibor(at)

MINIB, 2013, Vol. 10, Issue 4
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