Consumers towards sustainable food consumption

- dr hab. Grzegorz Maciejewski, prof. UE

The progressive and unprecedented growth of the Earth’s population and the shrinking of the planet’s natural resources make it necessary to look at contemporary consumption from the point of sustainable development goals. The purpose of the paper is to characterise consumers’ attitude towards the idea of sustainable food consumption, which manifests itself in declared undertaking of sustainable behaviours both on the market and in households. The research employed the exploratory survey technique (direct survey) on a sample of 900 consumers from Poland and Slovakia. The most common declared sustainable behaviours include: avoiding overconsumption, monitoring healthy eating, as well as sorting and recycling of waste. On the other hand, the customers of both countries should be more strongly encouraged to reduce the consumption of water, electricity and natural gas when preparing meals. Less than half of all respondents declared such behaviour.

Grzegorz Maciejewski, PhD, Assoc. Prof., University of Economics, Katowice, Poland — holds a Postdoctoral Degree in Economic Sciences. He is a Professor at the University of Economics in Katowice, Head of the Market and Consumption Department. He is a research projects manager at the Centre for Knowledge Research and Transfer in Katowice and the manager and contractor of six grants from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Behavioural economics is the main area of his scientific interests. He is the author of over 130 articles in the area of consumer behaviour, the marketing strategies of enterprises and market and marketing research methodologies.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2020-0014
MINIB, 2020, Vol. 36, Issue 2

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