Conditions and directions of marketing activities in polish research institutes

- Marlena Elżbieta Maślanka, Ph.D.

The offer of institutes is specific and requires the application of special solutions in the area of marketing and new economic conditions in which research institutes operate right now stimulate introducing new solutions and taking advantage of new directions in the area of marketing activity.
The influence of a continuous process of globalization on taking actions in the area of marketing constitutes a major research problem, which requires deepened, detailed analysis and carrying out research in this area. The goal of this article will be to find out to what extent new economic reality makes it necessary to take marketing actions and in what directions within the scope of this activity the research institutes should be going.

Marlena Elżbieta Maślanka, Ph.D., Institute of Polymer and Pigment Engineering, Toruń, Poland – a doctor of economic sciences, specialized in the area of management and accounting. Currently she is the Director of the Institute of Polymer and Pigment Engineering in Toruń. She has been cooperating with the Institute for over ten years. Work in a Research Institute and direct participation in a restructuring process carried out in the Institute became an inspiration for her to start scientific activity and write a doctoral thesis concerning the conditions and directions of restructuring of Research Institutes in Poland. As a result, since 2008 she has been developing her scientific interests along with professional career.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2019-0010
Contact: m.maslanka(at)
MINIB, 2019, Vol. 31, Issue 1

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