Building visual identity of scientific and research units and the role of visualization in cooperation with business

- Alfreda Kamińska, Ph.D. Eng.

The need for commercialization of scientific research leads to the necessity of changing the orientation of scientific-research units to marketing orientation, which is characterized by, among others, conducting research aimed at learning the clients’ needs and building better communication with the recipients. What is an important element of a unit’s marketing communication is its visual identity system, which the recipients use to build their opinion and their picture of the unit.

The goal of this article is an attempt to define the key rules of designing visual identity of scientific and research institutions, as well as presenting the role of visualization in their cooperation with business.

In the article the notions of image, identity, corporate identity and visual identity are subject to analysis. The article also presents the significance of visualization in the functioning of research and scientific units, elements of visual identity system and the rules of designing visual identity of scientific and research institutions. An analysis of chosen research-scientific units was carried out with regard to visualization.

Alfreda Kamińska, Ph.D. Eng., Warsaw Management University, Poland – doctor of economics in the area of sciences about management. Specialization: company management, marketing of service providers. Currently works as an assistant professor at the Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Capital of Warsaw Management University. For many years she worked as a sales and marketing director in well-known companies; she participated in the introduction of leading international brands from the food and cosmetics sectors to the Polish market. In the years 2007-2014 she worked as a deputy dean and later the dean of Faculty of Management at the Warsaw Management University. The author of, among others, research concerning the professional situation of the graduates of Warsaw Management University, the significance of the school in the students’ work on implementation of their professional plans and the influence of regional conditions on the development of small and medium companies. The author of a few dozen articles on marketing and management, as well as the monograph titled „Regionalne determinanty rozwoju małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw” (Regional determinants of the development of small and medium companies), co-author of summaries of course lectures for students: “Marketing w handlu” (Marketing in trade), “Marekting. Podstawowe problemy.” (Marketing. Fundamental problems.).

DOI: 10.14611/minib.14.04.2014.13


MINIB, 2014, Vol. 14, Issue 4
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