Academic tutoring as a form of modern cooperation with the student and an element of improving the quality of teaching services

- Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz, Paulína Krnáčová

The article, on the example of Poland and Slovakia, concentrates on the changes taking place in higher education in Central and Eastern Europe. The expectations of contemporary students (Z generation representatives) towards academic education and teaching staff have been analysed, and academic tutoring has been presented as an innovative, though not a new, form of education that perfectly meets these expectations.

Based on the collected theoretical material and own experience, the authors have indicated the strengths and weaknesses of academic tutoring and analysed the opportunities of implementing this form of teaching in higher education systems. The subsidiary aim of this paper is to pose a number of questions, which could lead to determining the direction of changes that should be considered in order to incorporate academic tutoring into the teaching activities of the university.

Potential difficulties arising at the stage of implementing tutoring have also been presented. Their identification may contribute to the optimization of the application of this didactic method, thus increasing the chances of its success. Moreover, several examples of good practice and didactic projects related to the introduction of tutoring into academic practice in Poland have been presented. They may be found helpful when making a decision to implement tutoring at the university level in other Central European countries.

Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz, PhD Eng. — an Assistant Professor at the Department of Food Product Quality, Institute of Quality Science and Product Management at Cracow University of Economics. She holds a PhD degree in Economic in the field of Commodity Science from CUE. Her scientific interests include lateral thinking and methodology of creativity development, food products quality, issues of innovation and market trends in FMCG, FPD and risk analysis in pro-innovative activities. Ms. Miśniakiewicz is an experienced academic with a lot of practicality in her research. She works for business as a coach and consultant in the field of FPD, Creativity, Design Thinking and Risk Management in FPD according to ISO 31000. She is an author of over 100 scientific publications. Head of the postgraduate studies “Food Products Manager” at CUE. Participant of many national and international scientific conferences, lectures as a Visiting Professor at universities in Prague, Varna, Reykjavik, Alicante, Coimbra, Valencia, Limassol, Bratislava. She conducted research internship at Grand Valley State University, USA. Manager and contractor of scientific, research and didactic projects financed by the National Science Center and the Norwegian Funds, expert evaluating applications in the COST program 1 European Cooperation in Science & Technology. Dr Miśniakiewicz is an academic tutor — Collegium Wratislaviense certificate; popularizer of modern teaching methods and approaches, e.g. e-learning, tutoring, e-tutoring.

Dipl Ing. Paulína Krnáčová, PhD. — is highly motivated assistant professor at the Department of Commodity Science and Product Quality, Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics in Bratislava with international experience. She has been managing research projects focused on food quality and safety, regional and traditional products, cultural heritage, sustainable development, innovative university education and learnt to provide up-to-date objective, and reliable information and to operate effectively and independently. At the same time, she is an author of several scientific and professional publications. She participated in many international scientific conferences, workshops, and seminars abroad and led lectures as visiting teacher at the universities in Krakow, Prague, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Jakarta, Denpasar, Hanoi. As a vice dean for international relations and public relations she also plays important role in PR and international relations activities of the Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics in Bratislava. Having passion and strong will for learning and improving her personal skills, she always bring enthusiasm and motivation to her work.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2021-0003
MINIB, 2021, Vol. 39, Issue 1

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