Visual identity and rebranding

- Katarzyna Wrona, M.Sc. Eng.

Wrona KatarzynaThe goal of this article is to highlight the essence of visual identification and rebranding, as well as to discuss elements of corporate identity, which are subject to revitalization in the process of refreshing the image of a brand. In the first part the article the analysis of the term visual identification is conducted. In the analysis special attention is drawn to the role of visual identification in creating a coherent identity of an organization. In the subsequent chapters further components of corporate identity are presented in detail – starting with logotype, through business forms, advertisements, accompanying materials and Internet websites to signs on buildings. Moreover, corporate identity book as a collection of standards and guidelines for application of corporate identity rules is discussed. The deliberations are based on the study of literature. The last chapter presented the transformation of the brand of Institute of Aviation.

Katarzyna Wrona, M.Sc. Eng., Institute of Aviation, Poland – MA, engineer, graduate of SGGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences). Since 2001 she has worked in the creative team of the marketing department of the Institute of Aviation. She deals with graphic design and creating websites. She is also responsible for multi-media presentations, informational and promotional materials of the Institute of Aviation. She has developed and edited documentaries about the history of aviation. She completed a course in multi-media techniques and computer graphics at the Independent University of Business, Administration and Computer Science in Warsaw.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.16.02.2015.06

Contact: Katarzyna.Wrona(at)

MINIB, 2015, Vol. 16, Issue 2
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