Visual communication in Public Relations campaigns

- Dalibor Jakus, M.Sc.

This paper identifying the key components of effective campaigns inside PR and marketing landscape by describing the evidence for the power of visual communication.
Visual communication has many advantages and arguably the most important on is the ability to process information faster. It’s essential for connecting with audiences today, therefor PR campaigns strategy has to be elegant and well executed to capture and keep viewers’ attention or communicate quality and capability by using technologies to craft successful modern PR language. The fact that we live in a visual society and social media and mobile communication boost all types of visuals is clearly observable and broadly recognised by communication managers around the Europe.

Dalibor Jakus, M.Sc., Independent public relations consultant, Croatia – Dalibor Jakus, M.Sc. is an independent public relations consultant specializing in strategic communication, media relations and storytelling. He has over 15 extensive experiences in communication and marketing in the information technology and Internet industries that includes co-working with companies such as Apple and Logitech in terms of public relations. Also, Dalibor is Head of PR for World Festival of animation — Animafest Zagreb, Head of PR for the Conference on scholarly publishing in the context of open science in Croatia, and the author of numerous professional and newspaper articles in the field of new media art, culture, public relations and science.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.27.03.2018.07
Contact: dalibor.jakus(at)

MINIB, 2018, Vol. 27, Issue 1

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