The problem of cooperation between science and business

- Piotr Mikosik Ph.D.

The indicator of innovativeness of the Polish economy is among the lowest indicators in Europe. Research has shown that one of the reasons for this is low level of cooperation between science and business.
Problems of cooperation of the sector of science and the sector of companies result to a large extent from a big difference in the organizational culture of the two communities. What distinguishes the two communities from each other is the perception of business issues, form of communication, the approach to solving disputable issues, approach to temporal and financial limitations, or even the way of building interpersonal relations. Changing this state of affairs requires time and patience, working out methods of building cooperation and learning from each other.
In the article a diagnosis of chosen reasons for the unsatisfactory level of cooperation between science and business has been carried out and recommendations concerning methods of changing this situation have been presented.


  • The main problem in building cooperation between the scientific and the business community results from major differences in organizational cultures of the two communities.
  • The key reasons are associated with the issue of differences in communication and building relations.
  • The change of the situation requires also changes in legal regulations, which should favour projects conducted in partnership of science and business. However, what is crucial are activities influencing the change of approach and mentality of the scientific community.

Piotr Mikosik, Ph.D., Warsaw Management University, Poland – academic teacher with 18 years of experience, he deals with strategic management and employee development. He gained business experience as, among others, a consultant in the international consulting company IMPAC SYSTEMS and as a member of the management of an IT company – Intercon. Moreover, he is a management coach and he holds the certificate of ICC (International Coaching Community). He has trained, among others, the management of KGHM, Bank Spółdzielczy in Skierniewice, Telewizja Polska, representatives of public administration in Warmia-Mazury voivodeship, of the management of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

DOI: 10.14611/MINIB.28.06.2018.11
Contact: piotr.mikosik(at)
MINIB, 2018, Vol. 28, Issue 2

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