Polish university as an (un)attractive potential employer

The article presents issues associated with the reasons for the fact that young potential employees are not interested in starting work at Polish universities. The article is theoretical-empirical in character. The theoretical part highlights the importance of a situation in which an entity is regarded as an attractive employer, which allows attracting the best employees. Particular attention is paid to the fact that a university needs to build its image as an employer, which results from its characteristics. The article strives to achieve three research goals, among others, identifying the reasons why respondents are not interested in starting work at … Czytaj więcej »

External image of a university playing the role of an employer and the gender of potential young employees

The article presents chosen aspects associated with the perception of universities playing the role of an employer among the potential young employees. This work is theoretical-empirical in character. In the theoretical part on the basis of the results of cognitive-critical analysis of world literature on the subject it is emphasized that universities need to build their image as employers in a complex way. It is actually becoming essential, taking into consideration the challenges that universities have to face. With regard to image-related issues, in case of this group of entities both with regard to theoretical deliberations and empirical research, there … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing aspects of consolidation of higher education institutions

The article provides a description of good practice in connection with the completed consolidation of two higher education institutions – the Lower Silesian College of Enterprise and Technology in Polkowice and the Copper Belt Technical College in Lubin into the Jan Wyżykowski University with its seat in Polkowice and a Branch Faculty in Lubin. This process began in autumn of 2015 and was brought to completion by the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. The author points to image implications and marketing challenges, discusses the rebranding process (new logo and name as well as the actions this … Czytaj więcej »

Lecturers as an element of higher education marketing

The goal of this article is to identify the scope and results of already conducted research on the perception of lecturers from the internal and external perspective of Polish universities , as well as to assess the utilization of these resources in light of the marketing knowledge of a service organization. Research methods used for the purpose of this article include: the analysis of Polish and foreign periodicals from the area of university management and marketing, diagnosis of the utilization of lecturers as a special marketing asset of a university and formulating conditions for efficient marketing management of university employees … Czytaj więcej »

Outer image of university in the role of employer as the base of segmentation of young potential employees

In the article problems of outer image of university as employer are presented. In the theoretical part the gap of knowledge in this scope is identified. It must be underlined that employer image is analysed relatively more seldom than product image or offeror image. It is presented rather in the case of enterprises not in the case of universities. The lack of publications and researches is especially visible in the relation to the perceiving of university in the role of employer by participants of outer labour market. That’s why in the empirical part of this article prepared on the base … Czytaj więcej »

Perception of the university as an employer among young potential employees

agnieszka barukThe article is theoretical-empirical in character. It presents issues associated with the external image of the university as an employer. In the theoretical part the views of various researchers presented in literature on the subject, concerning among others the employer’s image and its determinants, are analysed. It is emphasized that up till now the aspects of image (including aspects associated with the external image) in case of universities as one of key service providers serving an important function in the society haven’t been analysed too much. In the empirical part of the article based on the results of primary research … Czytaj więcej »

Relational benefits and quality of relation – towards understanding of the ties between science and business

Malgorzata GrzegorczykThe goal of this article is to answer the question in what way relational marketing and in particular, the concept of relational benefits, as well as quality of relation may influence the transfer of knowledge and technologies from universities to business. Another goal is to highlight significant, future directions of research in this area. Integration of the theory of relational marketing and technology transfer may create a new framework for fuller understanding of the ties between science and business. Research in this area may contribute to the expansion and development of the theory of relational marketing, which until now was … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing innovations as a source of competitive advantage of the universities

The issue of innovativeness and innovation in the higher education sector is becoming increasingly important. Universities adopt the outside-inside type of attitude in order to strengthen their position in the education market and to conform to new circumstances.

The desirability and possibility of implementation of pro-innovation attitudes by Polish universities was discussed in the paper. Starting from the literature review in terms of innovation, determinants forcing innovativeness on research units were discussed and also organizational and managerial issues were presented. The paper was summed up by examples of marketing innovations that have been implemented in selected Polish universities.

Prof. Zygmunt Czytaj więcej »

The significance of a university for the development of local administration on the example of Polkowice, one of the richest communes in Poland

Jan_Walczak_1In this article the author discusses the image of a non-public university in the context of the imageof the local government which functions on the territory where the university is located. The author discusses the mutual influence of both entities and the resulting benefits. In order to illustrate the subject the example has been taken of one of the richest and best-developing local governments in Poland – the Community of Polkowice – which in 2002 decided to establish its own university together with the District (poviat) of Polkowice. The university is financed to a large extent, which is probably an … Czytaj więcej »

How to effectively promote universities and research institutes in the network? Psychological mechanisms of e-marketing effectiveness.

karol wolskiUniversities and research institutes more and more often resort to promotion tools up till now used mainly in business. Omnipresent market competition has reached also the area of science, where more and more often the fight for students and money for scientific research takes place. Competition among science institutions is additionally stimulated by demographic factors – the gradual aging of the European society. As data from the Central Statistical Office show, the number of peopled aged 19-24 in Poland will drop from 2,817,000 in 2015 to 2,135,000 in 2025. The reduction of the number of young people will substantially boost … Czytaj więcej »

The utilization of the concept of relationship marketing in the process of building the ties of a university with external stakeholders

Constantly changing social-economic conditions are forcing Polish universities to change the orientation of their approach from focusing solely on educating to building relations with external stakeholders, the associated transfer of knowledge and continuous adaptation of offer to the needs of the labour market. An important element of this reorientation is establishing cooperation with entities which may be interested in exchange of information, access to latest research results, or which express the willingness to share knowledge in the process of teaching students. Actual cooperation between the sphere of science and economic practice is becoming a priority and the main determinant implicating … Czytaj więcej »

Universities in social media – Recipients’ expectations and the published contents

Research carried out by the author in 2013, which covered all 59 public universities listed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education showed that Polish public universities are more and more eagerly resorting to social media as a channel for communication with the environment of students and they are currently active in social media and especially on Facebook, where 81% (48 units) have their official profiles. Also other research projects show that the activities of a university in social media influences the image of the university especially among students – according to them student candidates admit that the presence … Czytaj więcej »

Cooperation of scientific centres and companies on implementation of research results

Products introduced to the market by companies in the 21st century can be called the „R&D generation”. Research, development of technology and products are an element of competitive edge and building the competences of companies. Stronger interest in R&D products supports strategies focused on relation marketing. However, introducing R&D technologies and products by a company requires high spending on research and scientific infrastructure and building specialist competences in a particular area of science and research. One of the options for companies may be to start cooperation with research and scientific organizations in order to jointly conduct research works or use … Czytaj więcej »

Educational fairs as a form of promotion of higher education institutions

The upcoming decline in birth rates combined with increasing numbers of high school leavers deciding to study abroad force Polish universities to engage in intense marketing activities. Educational fairs are one of the instruments allowing for effective communication with future students. However, in order to take full advantage of the participation in educational fairs, universities need to be well prepared by applying the rules of exhibition marketing and taking into account the specific character of educationoriented exhibition events. The main goal of this paper is to identify the characteristic features of educational fairs. A good understanding of the character of … Czytaj więcej »

Building an image of a higher education institution as an instrument of mega marketing

The image of a higher education institution is regarded by the author as a fundamental factor of competitive advantage in the modern education marketplace. A specific character of the modern education market is shaped by a range of rather negative for higher education trends, including first of all the declining birth rates and high unemployment among university graduates with employers seemingly less and less interested in offering jobs to them. This situation poses a real threat to the existence and development of higher education, particularly for private universities. Also, it forces universities to seek competitive advantage in the education market. … Czytaj więcej »

Positive image of university and local government – common cause

In this article the author discusses the image of a non-public university in the context of the image of the local government which functions on the territory where the university is located. The author discusses the mutual influence of both entities and the resulting benefits. In order to illustrate the subject the example has been taken of one of the richest and best-developing local governments in Poland – the Community of Polkowice – which in 2002 decided to establish its own university together with the District (poviat) of Polkowice. The university is financed to a large extent, which is probably … Czytaj więcej »

Universities in Poland in the eyes of public opinion – current state and expectations in light of research

This paper presents the most important conclusions from public opinion polls and knowledge about Polish universities. The poll was conducted by direct survey in respondents’ homes. The survey was carried out on a representative sample of 1135 inhabitants of Poland at the end of 2011 and at the beginning of 2012. The survey was conducted using a specially prepared questionnaire containing mainly open questions, focusing on the knowledge and opinions of the surveyed concerning Polish universities. Due to the lack of comparable research concerning Polish universities, the survey presented here is the first attempt to empirically respond to certain scientific … Czytaj więcej »

A concept of student relationship management in higher education

The paper will present a novel marketing concept for relationship management in higher education and a justification of its application based on the specific character of educational services. The definitions of relationship and relationship management in higher education will be given. The paper will highlight the key relationships that should be built by an educational institution with special emphasis placed on students as a school’s most important clients. The paper will proceed to elaborate on the concept of loyalty as the aim of building sustainable relationships with students and its specificity due to the special nature of the educational environment. … Czytaj więcej »

A university’s brand in the contemporary world

A strong brand is synonymous with a company’s successful performance. At the same time it bears testimony to the high quality of the service (or product) offered by the company, be it a car maker, a food producer or a higher education institution. Brands function at subliminal levels of consumer perception. This causes the client to respond to a product or service purchase in an emotional way, often ignoring its price. The client perceives a brand as a synonym of luxury, which symbolizes a certain economic status, a key that opens the door to a given societal sphere. From the … Czytaj więcej »

Crisis management via social media

The increasing popularity of social media gives businesses a wide spectrum of possibilities to enter into dialogue and interaction with consumers, to better understand their needs, to build durable relations with clients and to maintain brand communities. Thanks to social media, content may be transmitted with unprecedented speed when it „goes viral”. The consumer has been undergoing change too, now expecting instant answers to all his questions and doubts and more often than ever expressing complaints about a company in the media sphere of the internet. All these factors combine to give organizations new challenges to face. Overcoming these requires … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing of knowledge based services

The issues discussed in this paper refer to the contemporary role of services in the knowledge-based economy. The author identifies the fields of services that currently constitute the so-called economy development carriers and names them knowledge-based services. Educational, research, and information and communication, as well as business services are particularly significant in this group of services. Despite the diversity of the enumerated services between industries, their common feature is offering customers the basic value in the form of professional knowledge based on the intellectual capital of individual service organisations. The author, relying on the concept of customer value management as … Czytaj więcej »

Science, technology and business – market or interactive coordination

Recent decades have witnessed a growing interest in the importance of science and technology for business development and how they affect the positions of individual companies and their economic performance. Over the years the discussion involved R&D people and general managers from industry, researchers and administrative managers from universities and policy people from governments. The crucial issue is about the present state of the technology-business interface and the general connections among scientific research, development of technologies and economic development in terms of the performance of business units. This is interesting for us as our research group has extensive experience in … Czytaj więcej »