Research and scientific achievements as media events

In Polish science much more is going on, than what media reports suggest. Why is that the number and volume of these reports is small, they appear rarely and their rank isn’t really high? Participating in various kinds of events devoted to scientific achievements (eg. conferences, meetings) it is possible to notice that representatives of the media are present only at few such events. Even when press conferences or other events for representatives of the media are held, the interest of the media is low. After all one of the key instruments of public relations is press conference at which … Czytaj więcej »

Universities in Poland in the eyes of public opinion – current state and expectations in light of research

This paper presents the most important conclusions from public opinion polls and knowledge about Polish universities. The poll was conducted by direct survey in respondents’ homes. The survey was carried out on a representative sample of 1135 inhabitants of Poland at the end of 2011 and at the beginning of 2012. The survey was conducted using a specially prepared questionnaire containing mainly open questions, focusing on the knowledge and opinions of the surveyed concerning Polish universities. Due to the lack of comparable research concerning Polish universities, the survey presented here is the first attempt to empirically respond to certain scientific … Czytaj więcej »