Informational foundations for marketing decisions in the process of product commercialization

The process of product commercialization in the contemporary economy is usually associated with introducing innovations to the market and securing growth of sales of the new product, however, on the market this is usually a strategic view of the innovation’s position in the portfolio of products and taking advantage of its current and future potential for satisfying the needs and expectations of consumers on a competitive market, taking into consideration its character, external conditions and internal conditions of introduction, the choice of flexible market solutions and constant development of the innovation. In practice this imposes on companies, also on research … Czytaj więcej »

System for the dissemination of innovative technological solutions at an R&D institute

The changes in the global market and the emphasis on the commercialization of R&D results, boost competitiveness and decide on the necessity to implement a marketing approach towards the organization and management of the business activity, including that of research institutions, which being treated as a unique kind of enterprises, make the results of their research commercially available. An important factor supporting effective commercialisation of research results is a proper preparation and execution of promotion activities, which based on the rules of marketing, increase the likelihood of success of implementation of innovative solutions on the market. The dissemination activities comprise … Czytaj więcej »