The internationalisation of marketing in the education and research sector

M Pluta Olearnik


A growing number of entities operating in the Polish sector of higher education and science and research aspire to have an active presence in foreign markets and even in the global market. This presence must be accompanied by thoughtful marketing strategies using effective marketing tools. The aim of the article is to indicate the possibility of using the knowledge of international marketing to increase the efficiency of the entities of the Polish sector of education and research. Particular attention was paid to the intercultural nature of the international marketing, especially in relation to the system to communicate with foreign … Czytaj więcej »

How to effectively promote universities and research institutes in the network? Psychological mechanisms of e-marketing effectiveness.

karol wolskiUniversities and research institutes more and more often resort to promotion tools up till now used mainly in business. Omnipresent market competition has reached also the area of science, where more and more often the fight for students and money for scientific research takes place. Competition among science institutions is additionally stimulated by demographic factors – the gradual aging of the European society. As data from the Central Statistical Office show, the number of peopled aged 19-24 in Poland will drop from 2,817,000 in 2015 to 2,135,000 in 2025. The reduction of the number of young people will substantially boost … Czytaj więcej »

Inbound marketing as a form of internet marketing

We live in times of revolution! We are witnessing a revolution in the way we choose new products and in the way we look for business partners. Nowadays, almost everybody who is looking for a pram for his child or a new accounting company for his small business, always starts by turning on the computer. We start with Google or any other search engine, we ask our friends from the Internet, our family members and colleagues for assistance, usually via e-mail, online chats, Facebook or Twitter. We live in times of revolution – as a result of this revolution companies … Czytaj więcej »

Image development in the Internet – opportunities and threats

The paper discusses issues related to communication via the Internet in the process of building an organization’s image. The authors focus on the preparatory actions and strategic decisions that need to be taken so that long-term communication with Internet users could lead to expected results. The authors also point out to possibilities and ways of using the available tools and present in the selected case studies successful image-enhancing actions. When on 1 January 1983 a decision was taken to merge the ARPAnet and CSNET, giving rise to the Internet, hardy anyone realised the world was about to change beyond recognition. … Czytaj więcej »

Measurement of social media Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

Nowadays social media gather millions of users and virtual communities have become the core of the Internet. Thanks to various forms of communications (both the standard and more invasive ones) the function of social media undergoes changes. What initially was meant to make new virtual friends, now more and more often is implemented in enterprises’ activities, thus opening new opportunities to build a dialogue with buyers, to strengthen a positive image of science and to boost sales. The key to conduct effective actions in the social media are the measurements of what is happening in them. The application of these … Czytaj więcej »

Measurement of activity in social media – a challenge for contemporary marketing research

Popularity of social media among Internet users resulted in popularity of this medium among companies looking for contact with the participants of the community. Social media became as well a marketing research area of interest. Challenges social media researchers are facing, such as a combination of quantitative and qualitative aspects, and the problem of complexity and the selection of indicators, demonstrate the need to systematize the knowledge in this area.

Joanna Płuciennik, M.Sc., University of Łódź, Poland – is a graduate of Marketing and Philosophy at the University of Łódź. She is currently working towards her PhD degree. She deals … Czytaj więcej »