Exploring the value of social entrepreneurship seen as economic and social innovation driver in the private sector

A review of online literature refers to an important number of relevant examples about Social Entrepreneurship. Basic papers shed new light on some ideas, taking into account the role of individual creativity and, among others, social networks, all put in the context of becoming an entrepreneur. The examples are associated with surviving the most important, critical first years, naturally both in urban and rural areas. Nowadays, creativity has a huge impact on start-ups in urban areas; it is a place where the environment is even more supportive and competitive. The rule does not apply in rural areas. It is … Czytaj więcej »

Social campaigns concerning work safety in the context of social responsibility of business in Poland

Social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR) has been defined by the European Commission as the concept of voluntary inclusion of social goals and goals associated with the protection of environment in normal company business activities and relations with all interested partners. According to the assumptions, a responsible entrepreneur treats clients, business partners and competition in an honest way, cares for the health, safety, security and good disposition of employees, motivates employees by offering them training and opportunities for development, acts like a „good citizen” in the local community, and respects natural resources and the environment. One of important elements … Czytaj więcej »