Diversification of customer shopping styles as a result of changes in the weekly work schedules of retail outlets

The article presents the results of three studies conducted by the author concerning the preferences of retail outlet customers with regard to the days of the week on which they most frequently purchase general food and non-food merchandise. This issue has become relevant within the context of the enactment of the Act of 10 January 2018 on limiting trade on Sundays, holidays and certain other days. Previous customer shopping styles as regards weekly shopping schedules must have changed. The aim of the article is to identify consumers’ habits and their changes concerning the weekly shopping schedules before and after the … Czytaj więcej »

Understanding factors influencing consumers online purchase intention via mobile app: perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, system quality, information quality, and service quality

The development of technology has been significantly give the implication towards consumer’s behaviour in having the online purchase intention via mobile app that has been developed by the e-commerce company to serve better and deliver a better service to the consumers; especially when internet has connected people through their smartphones. The insignificant growth in doing the online purchase via mobile app which does not go along with the growth of internet mobile users in Indonesia and Singapore will deliver this study in order to evaluate and validate the implication of ease of use, usefulness, system quality, information quality, and service … Czytaj więcej »