System for the dissemination of innovative technological solutions at an R&D institute

- Marzena Walasik, M.Sc.

The changes in the global market and the emphasis on the commercialization of R&D results, boost competitiveness and decide on the necessity to implement a marketing approach towards the organization and management of the business activity, including that of research institutions, which being treated as a unique kind of enterprises, make the results of their research commercially available. An important factor supporting effective commercialisation of research results is a proper preparation and execution of promotion activities, which based on the rules of marketing, increase the likelihood of success of implementation of innovative solutions on the market. The dissemination activities comprise all activities aimed at raising the interest of the public (i. e. users, enterprises, institutions) in the results of R&D works, and focused on presenting the possibilities and benefits of their practical application. In order for the innovations to be diffused, target markets need to be specified, media most relevant for a given sector of the market need to be selected together with the most effective ways of reaching out to the target groups identified in the market segmentation process, and an effective marketing campaign needs to be launched. The system for the dissemination of innovative solutions developed and implemented at the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute in Radom (Poland) (ITeE – PIB), supports the management of R&D results and stimulates networking between the Institute and entities involved in the practical implementation of innovations. It also enables the execution of system tasks concerning promotion of innovative product and process technologies developed at the ITeE – PIB. As a result of its application, business projects, which improve the technology commercialization process resulting in new products or technologies being brought to the market, are proposed.

Marzena Walasik, M.Sc., National Reasearch Institute in Radom, Poland – is an employee of the Institute for Sustainable technologies – National Research Institute in Radom, where she works as Plenipotentiary of the Commercialization Director. She deals with systemic organization of promotional and marketing activities, as well as with operative organization of the technology platform. The author has been an academic lecturer for years. She got a diploma in economic sciences. She also completed post-graduate courses in, among others, accounting and audit and took part in an MBA course. The author is interested predominantly in the issues associated with transfer of knowledge and commercialization of scientific research results in economic practice.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.08.02.2013.11

Contact: marzena.walasik(at)

MINIB, 2013, Vol. , Issue 2
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