Success factors and limitations of efficient internal communication

- Dariusz Tworzydło, Ph.D.

The article covers the key issues of internal communication within an organization. It highlights the benefits of implementation of transparent communication principles for a company. It identifies objectives and presents selected communication tools. In the article, also guidelines for carrying out research in the context of development of an internal communication strategy can be found. Selected research areas of the process of planning and implementation of strategic assumptions have been presented. Factors limiting effective implementation of an internal communication strategy have been discussed.

Dariusz Tworzydło, Ph.D. – Chairman of the Institute for Information Society Development, Poland, and Chief Executive Officer of EXACTO sp. z o. o. He specializes in public relations and marketing research. He was a member of the Public Relations Council for two tenures and the President of the Board of the Polish Public Relations Society. His bibliography includes more than 200 scientific publications, research reports, analyses and expert opinions. He has been a co-author of many strategic documents and operating plans in the area of public relations. He is a consultant to boards of companies and organizations.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.15.01.2015.04

Contact: dariusz(at)

MINIB, 2015, Vol. 15, Issue 1
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