Social campaigns concerning work safety in the context of social responsibility of business in Poland

- Agnieszka Szczygielska, M.Sc., Alfred Brzozowski, M.Sc. Eng.

Social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR) has been defined by the European Commission as the concept of voluntary inclusion of social goals and goals associated with the protection of environment in normal company business activities and relations with all interested partners. According to the assumptions, a responsible entrepreneur treats clients, business partners and competition in an honest way, cares for the health, safety, security and good disposition of employees, motivates employees by offering them training and opportunities for development, acts like a „good citizen” in the local community, and respects natural resources and the environment. One of important elements in the functioning of a socially responsible company are actions taken for the benefit of employees and their families, as well as employees of all companies from the business community with which the company maintains relations, including subcontractors. For the purpose of popularizing issues associated with these activities and especially associated with work safety and the protection of employees’ health, social informational campaigns have been conducted for 10 years. These are supposed to change the attitudes of employees and employers to a pro-safety approach by raising awareness and providing knowledge on the risks in the workplace and how to reduce these risks. This was also the motivation behind the social campaign titled „Accident pre- vention” carried out in 2012 by the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB). In particular, it encouraged supporting stakeholders (subcontractors, other companies from the closest community and representatives of local communities) in the area of improving work conditions and other elements through directly communicating norms and values in this respect. The goal of this paper is to highlight the role of actions aimed at improving work hygiene and safety in companies’ social responsibility policy, as well as to discuss examples of actions in the area of work safety taken for the benefit of the above groups of stakeholders by companies and institutions engaged in the implementation of objectives of the social campaign titled „Accident prevention”. In the article various approaches to the implementation of detailed objectives of campaigns conducted by Polish companies and organizations complying with the rules of social policy and social responsibility in business are discussed.

Agnieszka Szczygielska, M.Sc. – employee of the Centre of Promotion of the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute. She obtained education in economy, social communication and sociology. For 12 years she has been dealing with the propagation of issues associated with labour safety. She is the author of articles concerning employee attitudes to occupational safety. Author or co- author of projects concerning the improvement of methods of promoting labour safety and forming pro-safety attitudes of employes and employers. Doctoral student at ISP PAN.

Alfred Brzozowski, M.Sc. Eng. – employee of the Centre of Promotion of the Central Institute for Labour Protection. He studied environmental engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology and commercialization of technology at the University of Łódź. For 14 years he has been dealing with issues associated with marketing of ideas and propagating matters associated with the safety of people in the work environment. Previously, he worked as a scientist dealing with the issues of ventilation and dust pollution. Author or co-author of about a dozen big research projects and the author of articles on the subject.

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Article published in Transactions of the Institute of Aviation No 227/2012

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