Selected indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing communication

- Aneta Olejniczak M.Sc., Darko Tomorad M.Sc.

aneta olejniczak    ThDarko Tomorade issue of the evaluation of marketing activity in each institution most often refers to marketing communications and therefore promotional activities of the company. Whereas measuring the effectiveness of marketing communications results, we can use many tools-indicators, the use of which will track the progress and assess the effectiveness of our institution run by marketing communications. With a view to implementing effective marketing strategy we must be able to measure our success. In this article, has been made a review of selected indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing communications. Cited indicators are commonly used. According to the authors, each institution should create its own set of indicators by which the effects of its operations will be best measured.

Aneta Olejniczak, M.Sc., Institute of Aviation, Poland – MA in economics, specialist in the area of marketing, logistics and banking. She manages public relations and internal marketing activities at the Institute of Aviation. She works for the Institute of Aviation as Conference Office Manager. She is interested both in marketing and in psychology.

Darko Tomorad, M.Sc., Tridea, Croatia – director and co-owner of PR agency Tridea Ltd and communication trainer, specialized for media presentation and public speech. Former journalist and science researcher at Department of Journalism at Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb (Croatia). Since 2007 working in PR for various clients from both public and private sector as well as communication expert on several international EU and WB co-financed projects. Fields of expertise include crisis communication, design and execution of promotional and educational campaigns, strategic and corporate communication, product PR, branding.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.16.02.2015.09

Contact: Aneta.Olejniczak(at),

MINIB, 2015, Vol. 16, Issue 2
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