Research fields in the area of planning and implementation of internal and external public relations activities

- Professor Dariusz Tworzydło

Dariusz TworzydloThe article constitutes a presentation of the areas of research which can be used in course of planning and implementation of public relations activities in a company. Also, those which can be regarded as crucial and necessary have been highlighted. Research described in the article concerns to a large extent building image and relations with the representatives of a company’s environment. In the publication areas of research conducted by means of various techniques, e.g. CATI, CAWI have been presented. The material also presents a method which is supposed to systematize research projects. It makes it possible to use comprehensive data collected in a company in the decision-making process. The article also contains a presentation of analyses which are conducted in association with the process of preparing a company for potential image crises and carried out during and after the emergence of threats bearing the characteristics of an image crisis.

Professor Dariusz Tworzydło, Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland – Chairman of the Institute for Information Society Development, Poland, and Chief Executive Officer of EXACTO sp. z o. o. He specializes in public relations and marketing research. He was a member of the Public Relations Council for two tenures and the President of the Board of the Polish Public Relations Society. His bibliography includes more than 200 scientific publications, research reports, analyses and expert opinions. He has been a co-author of many strategic documents and operating plans in the area of public relations. He is a consultant to boards of companies and organizations.

DOI: 10.14611/MINIB.29.09.2018.09
Contact: dariusz(at)
MINIB, 2018, Vol. 29, Issue 3

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