Digital Repository of Research Institutes – RCIN

- Kamila Kaczyńska, M.Sc.

The paper describes the project of Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes RCIN and presents opportunities for promoting science by digitization and sharing them on the Internet. The Repository has been created by the 16 Scientific Institutes in Warsaw, Krakow and Bialowieza to modernize the science-research and IT infrastructure, to increase digital resources of mathematical, technical, natural and medical sciences, and to popularize and promote of Polish science. That dissemination and popularization of science affects its development and competitiveness in the international arena and it allows transfer of research results to the economy. In addition, Institutes of RCIN providing contemporary and archival materials of science, support the intellectual capital of Polish science and raise awareness of professional literature of search on the Internet. Project RCIN is implemented in the years 2010–2014 and financing is provided by the funds of the European Fund of Regional Development.

Kamila Kaczyńska, M.Sc., Institute of Aviation, Poland – Librarian. Graduate of the University of Warsaw – Faculty of Physics, and Chodkowska University in Warsaw – Faculty of Management and Marketing. She completed a post-graduate course in library science at the University of Warsaw. She gained professional experience in the National Library. Currently, as the Head of Scientific-Technical Library of the Institute of Aviation she takes care of modernization and computerization of library work.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.11.01.2014.13

Contact: Kamila.Kaczynska(at)

MINIB, 2014, Vol. 11, Issue 1
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