Development of co-operation between a research institute and enterprises in the context of marketing communication

- Aleksander Niemczyk, PhD

Aim of the article is presentation of results of recent research on the effectiveness of practical solutions used in marketing communication of the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, leading to development of cooperation with enterprises. Thanks to the management, the appropriate information reaches definite groups of clients through multiple channels. E-marketing of scientific and research organizations is carried out mainly through web sites, web portals, social media. The analytical and research instruments in the marketing of scientific and research organisations used for measuring the effectiveness and efficacy of marketing communication include: Google Analytics, Seo Stat, Salesmanago, Advertising Value Equivalency and a range of reports. Product line and product managers are employees who are highly qualified and often possess unique competences. Ongoing research coupled with direct contact with companies results in a constant improvement in the services rendered and generation of innovative products.

Aleksander Niemczyk, PhD., Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, Poland – works at the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing as the Deputy Market Director. He supervises the implementation of research-development works implemented in national and foreign companies, as well as marketing communication activities. He deals mainly with the issues of managing chains of delivery, warehousing, utilization of automatic identification and IT systems. He has rich practical experience in managing manufacturing commercial units. He is a lecturer at the Poznan School of Logistics. He participates actively in a series of conferences.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.08.02.2013.10

Contact: aleksander.niemczyk(at)

MINIB, 2013, Vol. , Issue 2
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