Building a strategy for the development of a university using the methodology of strategic sessions on the example of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź

- Piotr Mikosik, Ph.D.

The aim of the article is to present the methodology of building an organization strategy which the author has been working on for 8 years.. Although the article is based on the case study of the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Łódź, in which the author conducted a series of strategic sessions, the methodology itself is universal and can be successfully applied both in enterprises, non-profit organizations and offices. The size of the organization or industry is also irrelevant. The author applied the described method in international corporations, no-profit organizations as well as kindergartens whose teams worked on the concept of development of their organizations.

The article presents a full process of creating a strategy, however, due to the limit of pages imposed by the publishing house, only selected methods used during strategic sessions are described.

Piotr Mikosik, Ph.D., Warsaw Management University, Poland – academic teacher with 18 years of experience, he deals with strategic management and employee development. He gained business experience as, among others, a consultant in the international consulting company IMPAC SYSTEMS and as a member of the management of an IT company – Intercon. Moreover, he is a management coach and he holds the certificate of ICC (International Coaching Community). He has trained, among others, the management of KGHM, Bank Spółdzielczy in Skierniewice, Telewizja Polska, representatives of public administration in Warmia-Mazury voivodeship, of the management of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2019-0032
Contact: piotr.mikosik(at)
MINIB, 2019, Vol. 32, Issue 2

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